Fun New York NYC Photography Pictures

Wild Turkey in New Amsterdam

Wild Turkey in Battery Park

Last week, Kris and I followed the New Amsterdam Trail, an official tour of the National Park Service created by the Harbor Conservancy in partnership with the Henry Hudson 400 Foundation.  Download the free tour files here, then put the MP3s on your MP3 player and print out the PDF map.  The 90-minute self-guided tour of Lower Manhattan starts in Battery Park and ends on Wall Street and tells the story of the early days of New Amsterdam, the Dutch colony that would become New York City.  Honestly, not much remains to see from those old Dutch days, but I would recommend doing the tour anyway to hear some fascinating stories of the early history of the City.  In any case, it’s a good excuse to stop for an al fresco snack and a drink on Stone Street.

Then there is the unexpected.  We saw a wild turkey foraging right in the middle of Battery Park!  See, there is definitely more to New York wildlife than just pigeons and rats.  We’ve also spotted a barn owl one night last year in Battery Park City.

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