What is Japenglinese?!

Japenglinese is a new blogging side-project that I started. The goal of this experimental project is to assist in the mastery of Japanese and Chinese vocabulary words. Basically, this blog will function as my personal learning notebook that will chart my own personal progress in my life-long goal to master these notoriously difficult Asian languages.  For the time being, the blog will feature short entries introducing vocabulary words glossed in English, Japanese and Chinese. Special emphasis will be placed in the introduction and aquisition of Kanji/Hanzi – the thousands of Chinese characters that are used in both Japanese and Chinese.

The site also features a variety of links to free online resources for learning Japanese and Chinese (Mandarin).

The Japenglise blog is still in its infancy, so I will be experimenting somewhat with the format and the methodology. I think it would be interesting if this blog could become a collaborative effort for intermediate to advanced learners of Japanese and/or Chinese to learn advanced vocabulary. Contact me if you are interested in contributing. Comments, suggestions, study tips, as well as contributions of content will be welcome.
Check it out for yourselves:

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