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Visual Music: Spectral Music Etude

Our assignment for week 3 of Visual Music with Zach Layton is to “take 12 tone piece & stretch it out with FFT, do spectral analysis, make it a new piece.”

I opened up the AIFF of the 12 tone piece I composed last week in SPEAR.  Then I used SPEAR to drag different frequency partials around.  I eliminated most high frequencies and used the pen tool to draw some frequencies to create a 1-minute drone piece, which I exported as an AIFF.   Then I used SoundHack to mutate the SPEAR-edited file with the original 12 tone piece from last week.  This is the resulting new piece, a spectral/FFT “remix” of the original, if you will.  The spectral analysis above was also done by SoundHack.

[AIFF] [MP3]

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