Labor riots in France.
Immigrants marching for their right across America.
Latin America shifting to the Left.

Times are a-changin’. People power is on the rise. What an exciting time to live!

My own life is about to change as well. The return of spring, marked by cherry blossoms and the start of the Japanese school year signals the beginning of the end of my time here. My contract ends at the end of July. I will be leaving my quiet life in a suburban Japanese town and go into the unknown, the uncharted, the unexplored. Although I still have not worked out the details of what I am going to do next, I know that I am ready to engage. I am ready to make a stand for what I believe in and to fight for what is right. For me, what is right is for humanity to live together in peace, while celebrating our diversity and our differences of all kinds.

Lately, my media consumption de choix has been podcasts. I don’t have cable or satellite TV here in Nakatsu, and I have long grown tired of the endless, mind-numbing cooking shows, period dramas, and variety shows on Japanese television. I have practically run out of DVDs of movies and TV shows that I want to rent at the local video/DVD rental shop. Besides, I can listen to podcasts anywhere and have access to worldwide content. I think the medium of podcasting is extremely exciting since it easily and cheaply allows for worldwide distribution of one’s content. It allows people to express themselves and tell the stories that they want to tell without being censored or filters. It also allows for the creation of dialogue and whole communities that transcend borders and timezones.

I will introduce some of the podcasts that I have been listening to in the next few blog entries.

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