Tschau, Graziela!


Last weekend was my friend and fellow ‘AVAAZer‘, Graziela’s (pictured above on the right), last weekend in New York before heading back to her post in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  The picture was taken at the AVAAZ.org training retreat at The Retreat at Art Omi in upstate New York.

On Saturday, we met up in SoHo, wandered around and did some shopping.  Then we met up with Graziela’s friend, Priscilla, and made our way down to Chinatown for a Malaysian lunch at Jaya.  Then we wandered around some more and met up with some Catalan documentary filmmakers in the East Village.

After that, we made our way back down to Nolita with Graziela’s friend Shoshanna for a Chinese massage.  The massage itself was ok, but the Chinese ladies kept on gabbing away in Chinese, making it hard for me to relax.  Gossip about a new co-worker.  Making fun of a fat blonde girl getting a massage.  Commenting about the weird tattoos that “Westerners” have.  They were also blabbing about how I had such a long neck!  I secretly pretended to not understand Mandarin.   I wish I could just turn off that ability sometimes, but I do love my multilingual eavesdropping abilities!

Fast forward to Saturday night evening and Graziela’s going away party at 40C in Alphabet City.  Sunday afternoon brunch at Moonstruck.  Getting into a heated conversation about Second Life, and being told to shut up by other customers.  Fitting 10 people into Graziela’s tiny East Village sublet, Studio Paradiso.  Hanging out in Tompkins square park.  And then hugs and goodbyes.  Tschau Graziela!  Boa viagem e até pronto!  

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