ITP NYU Physical Computing

Transistor Lab and Voodoo Bear Update

In this week’s Physical Computing lab, we learned how to power a DC motor using a transistor. I wired up my Arduino and motor following the schematic in the lab documentation exactly:


The connectors on the DC motor are extremely fragile.  I managed to break one off accidentally, so I had to borrow Tim’s motor.  I haven’t had the best of luck lately with components.  While working on our midterm project, the Voodoo Bear, we managed to break a flex sensor and a stretch sensor today.

In any case, I got the DC motor to work:

With the addition of a potentiometer and the additional code provided, I now have a potentiometer-controlled spastic DC motor!


In other news, we managed to complete most of the construction on the Voodoo Bear today. We put two servomotors into the bear. One makes the bear blink and the other one makes the bear’s arm wave. The servos and other components are affixed to a flexible “skeleton” inside the bear that is made out of thick ethernet cables.

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