Tiffin Wallah


I had lunch with Iain today at Tiffin Wallah, a new Indian restaurant on 28th Street in Curry Hill.

Tiffin Wallah translates as – one who carries the box. Tiffin is an old English word for a light lunch, and also the name of the multi-compartment metal lunch box that carries it. Tiffin Wallahs originated over a century ago when the many Indians working for British companies disliked the food served at work. Tiffin service was created to bring home cooking to the workplace.

Six dollars for the all-you-can-eat vegetarian lunch buffet, a gorgeous spread curry, two kinds of dal, 2 kinds of bread, two kinds of rice, salad, and a variety of chutneys. Great value and delicious food! The décor of the small cozy space is sleek, with happy greens and sleek dark brown.

Tiffin Wallah
127 East 28th Street

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