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The Economist: Art of Political Satire

Tonight, Catherine and I attended The Economist’s Art of Political Satire event, which featured improv comedy by The Second City and live, interactive cartooning by Kevin ‘Kal’ Kallaugher, The Economist’s resident cartoonist.  Kal did some live stand-up caricatures of politicians and gave the sketches to members of the audience.  He gave me the Sarah Palin caricature above.  That’s real lipstick on her lips!

Kal also taught us how to draw our very own George W. Bush caricatures.  Here are my two attempts below.  I think they came out looking like angry, constipated chimpanzees, but I’ll let you be the judge.

All fun and humor aside, I was very moved by Kal saying in his conclusion how lucky we are to live in a free country where cartoonists are allowed to criticize and make fun of our political leaders, unlike two-thirds of the rest of the world.  The Danish Cartoon Controversy highlights just how precious and fragile the rights to polical/artistic expression are.

The Sarah Palin dinosaur comic I did with Ruxy last month is a proud excercise of those rights and privileges.

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