Taiwan president’s Twilight Zone experience

The Chinese government goes too far, again. 

From Tom Plate's Op-Ed in the Khaleej Times:

A China Airline jet, leaving Taipei with President Chen Shui-bian and aides, lands for a refueling stop in San Francisco. It is bound for Managua to allow the president’s party to attend the inauguration of the president of Nicaragua — one of only 24 countries that recognise the prosperous island of Taiwan as a stand-alone government and nation.

Because of the extreme tension between Taiwan and China over the island’s true political status, the angry Chinese government in Beijing expressed disapproval at the granting of a stopover visa by the US to Chen in San Francisco (on the way to Nicaragua) and Los Angeles (returning to Taipei). Beijing went all the way to the White House to try to stop the Chen party’s jet from landing on the West Coast — and to Mexico City to deny the Taiwan plane over-flight rights to Mexican airspace.

Basically, if Beijing could have its way, Chen would be grounded, just like any misbehaving teenager. China regards Taiwan as nothing more than a viperous rogue state and breakaway province that needs to be reintegrated with the mainland — whether its 23 million people like it or not.

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