Japan Japanese JETAANY Music Video YouTube

Sakura (Japanese Folk Song) on Ukulele

Art Music Video YouTube


No, that’s not a typo, I mean Yooouuutuuube by artist and programmer David Kraftsow.  It allows users to tile and playback YouTube videos frame by frame.

I ran some of my YouTube videos through Yooouuutuuube and here’s what I got:

Herbivores on Yooouuutuuube

Herbivores by Elizabeth Fuller and Lee-Sean Huang played through Yooouuutuuube.
Original version of Herbivores


ODI et AMO played through Yooouuutuuube
Original version of ODI et AMO

Can't Stop

Can’t Stop (HEPNOVA Remix) Music Video by JC Cassis and Lee-Sean Huang played through Yooouuutuuube
Original version of Can’t Stop

Check out Yooouuutuuube before Google shuts it down. See the Rhizome interview with David Kraftsow for more.

Britney Spears HEPNOVA Music Video YouTube

Hit Me Britney One More Time

Hit Me Britney One More Time – Hepnova’s Britney homage/parody/cover/pastiche. LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!

So Chris Crocker’s video gets 8.2 million views in just over a week AND he gets a TV deal. Meanwhile, the Avaaz video I worked on, Stop the Clash of Civilizations has reached 1.4 million views in about 6 months.

Lessons learned – I think it’s time to trade in the activist chic for a bottle of peroxide and some cheap eyeliner. I want my Warholian 15 minutes of fame too! Let’s keep Britney in our thoughts and prayers. She is going through a hard time you know. We are all lucky bastards that she even performed for us. And check out our track and pass it on.

Also playing on YouTube, Vimeo, MySpaceTV, BlipTV, and Google Video.

Activism Avaaz Democracy Marketing Media News Politics Video YouTube

David Miliband/ Chatham House Speech (Highlights)

David Miliband/ Chatham House Speech (Highlights) from lee-sean on Vimeo.

Art Avaaz Iran Iraq Israel Marketing Media Palestine Politics Technology Video YouTube

Avaaz’s Progressive Source Award


The image is a scan of the framed Progressive Source Communications Award certificate that we received at the Avaaz New York office today. Avaaz’s Stop the Clash of Civilizations won the people’s choice for Best Awareness-Raising Video.

Thanks to Progressive Source Communications and for internet voters around the world for the recognition. Props also to Agit-Pop Communications, who co-produced the video, and special thanks to DJ Spooky for providing the music.