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Mumbo Jumbo Maracas Score


Here is the score for my new musical composition, Mumbo Jumbo Maracas, a trio for Wiimote MIDI controller playing a custom MainStage patch, keytar, and maracas.  I will be playing the Wiimote, with Arturo Vidich on keytar and Eric Mika on maracas.  We will be playing the world premiere of the piece as part of the ITP NIME show on December 15.  Details coming soon!

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Wiimote talks to Mac

This week for NIME, I worked on getting a Wiimote to talk to my Mac using Darwiin Remote. The Bluetooth pairing process is a little tricky, but after multiple attempts it worked. Next steps: figure out the software side of things. I need to map the values the Wiimote is sending to my computer to different musical notes. I will be researching OSCulator or JunXion as potential means of converting the Wiimote readings into musical expressions.

YouTube video tutorial on how to get a Wiimote to talk to a Mac