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Mark Bittman’s Tortillitas with Shrimp

tortillitas with shrimp

I made The Minimalist Mark Bittman’s recipe for Andalucian Tortillitas with Shrimp today for lunch.  The savory pancakes are actually made without eggs or dairy.  The yellow color and eggy texture actually comes from chickpea (garbanzo) flour.  Bittman gives a choice of different herbs to put in the pancakes.  I used scallions and parsely.  I also added some thinly sliced carrots.  The pancakes are extremely filling and very very good.  They remind me a bit of Korean pajeon. These are definitely going to have to go in my regular repertoire of dishes, although I might start halving the recipe when cooking for myself (I had Kris over as a tasting guinea pig today).

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