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Branding, Breeding and Your Business

Whether you want the best beef for your burger, or you want to be the best in your business, both branding and the breeding matter.

The brand, what they literally burn onto the side of the cow, identifies the rancher who raised the cattle. The breed is the cow’s DNA, it’s identity and the code for its potential growth, and ultimately, it’s tastiness on your plate.

The breed is the “nature,” while the brand is the “nurture.” The brand/nurture bit helps us identify and understand how the rancher has fed and cared for the cow, because even cows with the best “breeding” may not taste so good if raised in less than ideal conditions. However, you definitely can’t hide a bad breed with all the good branding in the world. Quality starts from the inside out. It’s a matter of identity.

How does “brand” and “breed” apply to your business?


Originally published on Inspired by the Amish Futurist.