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San Francisco Day 3

Day 3 in San Francisco and day 1 of my internship at Creative Commons.

I got up this morning and headed to my first day at my internship;  except I couldn’t find the bus stop that HopStop told me to go to.  I ended up walking to work instead.  It only takes about 40 minutes, and it’s mostly downhill or flat, although it takes me through an ugly, mostly industrial part of San Francisco.

I get to the Creative Commons office and meet the other interns and staff.  We spend the morning getting an overview of what Creative Commons is and an overview of the organization the staff.  We also get set up with our email and wiki logins.  After a short office tour (it’s a small office), we headed out to lunch and socializing at Primo Patio Cafe.

Back in the office, we filled out some administrative and got set up on various email lists.  I met with my supervisor, Ahrash Bissell, Executive Director of ccLearn, and talked a bit about my project for the summer.  In the next few days I am going to get up to speed on the Open Education movement and doing some user experience and internationalization stuff for the OpenEd community beta site.

My ongoing SF photo set on Flickr.


After work, I met up with Elizabeth (pictured above and of Herbivores and Noir fame), who is in town attending the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference.  We headed to Chinatown for dinner at House of Nanking (pictured below), which a bit of a tourist trap but a particular guilty pleasure of mine.  Love their fried rice!  We got there right before the crowds lined up outside, so we had zero wait time.  Just avoid anything deep fried there and you will be fine.


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San Francisco Day 1

I got into San Francisco late this afternoon from Cake City. The first thing that hit me was the ocean breeze and the fact that the temperature is 30 degrees cooler here than in Phoenix. 

A quick SuperShuttle ride to the Potrero Hill neighborhood, where I am renting a room for the summer. Still in the process of unpacking and settling in.  Had dinner at a Japanese restaurant called Live Sushi at the bottom of the hill (less than 5 minute walk).  The food at the sushi place was average, but it’s close to where I’m staying so I’ll probably be back.  Then I got some provisions at Whole Foods, which is right across the street from Live Sushi.

The uphill walk home from sushi/Whole Foods was a bit tough on my veal-like legs that have attrified in the last couple weeks lounging around the house and the pool in Arizona, but no doubt by the end of the summer I will have calves of steel.

Internship at Creative Commons starts on Monday.

In other news, Nicholas and I wrapped up the latest HEPNOVA album yesterday. A few more finishing tweaks and we will officially release it. In the meantime, you can check out the “soft-launch” mixdowns on ReverbNation.

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Summer Internship in SF at Creative Commons


I will be in San Francisco this summer interning at ccLearn, the education division of Creative Commons.  According to the ccLearn site:

ccLearn is a division of Creative Commons dedicated to realizing the full potential of the internet to support open learning and open educational resources.
Our mission is to minimize legal, technical, and social barriers to sharing and reuse of educational materials.

I look forward to put into practice some of the theoretical and techie knowledge I’ve picked up at ITP.  It’s also a great opportunity to live in California for the first time.  Find out who else is interning at CC this summer here.

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San Francisco Podcast Episode 1

Lee-Sean and Kris talk about their first impressions of San Francisco. Recorded in Golden Gate Park.

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San Francisco

Sophia and LS at Elijah's Brunch

Above: Sophia and Lee-Sean at Elijah’s brunch

Below: Lee-Sean and Kris at the top of Twin Peaks

LS and Kris

See my complete San Francisco photo set on Flickr. Podcast coming soon…