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Ruby the Elephant Research Links

assignment 4 of Animals, People, and Those in Between.

This assignment is a combination of research, character development and implmentation of a documentary form.
You are going to make a piece about an animal as an object, depicted in the 3rd person.
The assignment is a combination of research and storytelling, with the goal of making a portrait.

You will:
a. Research a real animal
b. Do character studies (a character model sheet) and write backstory
c. create a storyboard or a short piece about the character

I decided to choose Ruby the Elephant, who used to live at the Phoenix Zoo and became famous because she painted canvas that sometimes sold for thousands of dollars.  I have many fond memories of her from my childhood in Arizona.  I remember my parents had a print of one of Ruby’s paintings in their office.

Here is a list of links about Ruby.  I’ll make sense of everything and decide what I will do for the project later 😉

A painting by Ruby, from Wikipedia