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Michael Jackson RIP

Michael Jackson Tribute, San Francisco

Scream!  I can’t believe Michael’s gone.

Despite all of the gossip and the allegations, we should have never judged you.  We should have started with the Man in the Mirror.  You said, “Leave Me Alone.”  Your critics and detractors can just Beat It now.

It didn’t matter if you were Black or White.  You could be a nerd, a jock, a hipster, or the toughest hardest thug out there, but when an MJ track came on, even the most reticent of wallflowers would get down and dance.  You said Don’t Stop ’til You Get Enough, and we didn’t.  The scene would be Off the Wall.  The aftermath was Blood on the Dance Floor.

We knew you were Dangerous and a Smooth Criminal too.  And we loved you for it.  We knew you were Bad.  And by Bad (which was the first CD I ever owned), I mean you were awesome and utterly ruled as the King of Pop.  The King is dead. Long live the King.  (We loved how you got down with the other King’s daughter too.)

Even if we couldn’t Heal The World, your music formed the soundtrack to HIStory.

You were a Dancing Machine.  Your life was a real Thriller.  Thanks for the music and thanks for being you.  You, like Ryan White, are Gone Too Soon.  We’ll always Remember The Time we spent with you.  You Are Not Alone now.  (What ever happened to Bubbles?)  You’ve left Neverland, but we know you’re moonwalking with other heroes up in heaven now.

I’m dealing with your passing by revisiting your old songs.  There is that special something about them and The Way You Make Me Feel.   You Rock My World.  I hope to Rock With You again someday.

So let’s Burn This Disco Out.

Michael Jackson