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My regular readers will have noticed this already, but I have redesigned LEESEAN.NET using the new PHP and CSS skills I learned in my Dynamic Web Development class.  This site is still powered by WordPress and based on the Cutline Theme by Chris Pearson, but I tweaked the template to give it more of a personal touch.  A bit Pop-Art and a bit Prepcore.

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MyOnlineLife is a web page I programmed for my Dynamic Web Development class @ ITP.  It allows you to see my latest blog posts, Flickr photos and Facebook status updates all in one place.  I would have also included my Twitter feed, but I just echo my Facebook status updates on Twitter anyway, so no need to double up and be redundant 😉

Enjoy cyberstalking me here.

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Snapshots Three Ways

This semester, I’ve been working on building my web programming chops in Dynamic Web Development and Flash of Flash at ITP.  Using some of the new skills I’ve picked up, I have created three ways of presenting Snapshots, an online collection of music I have composed this school year at ITP.

Original HTML version

PHP/MySQL/Javascript version

Flash XML version