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Wiimote as MIDI controller

This week I got my Wiimote to act as a MIDI controller using OSCulator, which uses Bluetooth to sync the Wiimote to my Mac, and then maps the Wiimote accelerometer and button press values to MIDI, which is then used to control a custom patch in Logic Pro.

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From the Vaults: Teenage Compositions

Here are  some of my earliest musical compositions (dating from the early and mid 1990’s, when I was just entering high school). I started playing around with MIDI sequencing and audio processing during this time, and here are the results of my experimentation. At times cringe-worthily cheesy, and other times still surprisingly brilliant 10 years later (If I do say so myself).  In any case, I present my nostalgic tasting menu of teenage angst and experimentation.

A.G. – Weird erratic/eclectic General MIDI madness
Drama Queen – Smoky night-time eyes, tape hiss, and more drama
Dream – MIDI-powered koto and shamisen Orientalism, oh my!
Fondue – Minimalist mating music for robots
Hymn – A terrifying deconstructed Taiwanese hymn
Last Song – Just when you thought it was over, last but not last
Prozac Piano – Pop a pill before you listen

You know you want to download them all in one ZIP file.

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My final project proposal for Physical Computing at ITP:

head(banger)phones – a personal musical device

A set of headphones rigged with an accelerometer that detects the motion of the user’s head and converts that motion data into MIDI data via an Arduino microprocessor.  The MIDI then triggers percussion sounds in a software synth on the computer, which feeds the audio signal back to the user wearing the headphones.

Here is a video of my proposal to my class.

head(banger)phones from lee-sean on Vimeo.