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LS and Catherine do DC


Catherine and I were in DC last week to attend the Free Press Summit on Changing Media. Check out our photos on Flickr.

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Upcoming May Events

1.  ITP Visual Music Final Concert
Zach Layton’s Visual Music class at ITP will be performing at the illustrious Issue Project Room in Park Slope, starting at 8:30.
232 3rd Street, Brooklyn, NY
Admission is FREE!
I will be performing ODI et AMO live with JC Cassis.

2. In concert with JC Cassis @ Arlene’s Grocery
Sunday, May 3, 2009
Arlene’s Grocery, 95 Stanton Street, Lower East Side, NYC
$8 at the door (Make sure to say you’re there to see JC Cassis)
JC will be performing all her new dance-pop tracks off the forthcoming album, Four on the Floor, as well as some old faves.

3.  ITP Spring Show 2009
Sunday, May 10, 2-6pm & Monday, May 11, 5-9 pm
ITP @ 721 Broadway, 4th Floor
A festival of interactive sight, sound and technology from the student artists and innovators at ITP
This event is free and open to the public. No need to RSVP

4. I’ll be in Washington DC from May 13-15, and I’ll be in the San Francisco Bay Area from May 15-20 and then from early June to mid-August.  Ping me if you want to meet up.

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ODI et AMO: The Music Video

ODI et AMO is Avant-Pop for a world where Blade Runner meets a 3000-year Roman Reich.

Here is the new music video for ODI et AMO, a piece I am presenting as my Visual Music and Animals, et. al. final project.  The piece is based on a poem by Catullus, and features vocals by JC Cassis.

Apologies for the crappy online video quality.  The finely-tuned sync of the music and visual elements got knocked a little bit out of wack during conversion to online-friendly formats.  The versions on Vimeo and YouTube look even worse, so I don’t recommend viewing them there.  Luckily, I’ll get to present the uncompressed version in my Animals class on Tuesday, and JC and I will perform a live version at the Visual Music class concert at Issue Project Room on April 28, at 8 pm.  You can also download the M4V version (for iTunes) here, which looks a lot better than the streaming version.  Or if you want to listen to the track on the go, download the MP3.


UPDATE (21 April 2009):
I presented the ODI et AMO music video in my Animals class today.  I got some good feedback from everybody.  On my to-do list for the next version:

  • Sort out the audio/video sync issues in Final Cut to make the cuts frame-accurate.  I’m meeting with Marina on Thursday to work on this.
  • Re-record JC’s vocals.  Right now, I am using one take for all 3 repetitions of her part.  It needs to build up more and have more of an arc.  I guess this won’t be a problem for the live version on Thursday, since JC will be singing her diva parts live.
  • Do something to add some more variation into the “karaoke” text sections – perhaps bring back ODI and AMO characters in some way.  I think I’ll need to do some more work in AfterEffects.

UPDATE (24 April 2009):
After talking with Marina today, I discovered that I needed to move my ODI et AMO project from Final Cut Express to Final Cut Pro in order to have total control over the frame rate.  I spent this afternoon and evening tweaking the video in Final Cut Pro in order to make the cuts sync more accurately to the music.  I also added some extra effects to make the experience a bit richer.  The new version is now on and embedded above.

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Video of JC and Band @ Don Hill’s and £€€~$€AN T-Shirt

Here’s a video JC Cassis and company performing “Get Out” live for the first time at Don Hill’s in SoHo last weekend.

More videos from our gig on kathryncchiu’s YouTube channel.

You can see me rocking out on the keys in the video. I designed the £€€~$€AN T-shirt that I am wearing. Get one from the HEPNOVA Zazzle store, because you know you want to wear my B£ING€D-OUT name on your ¢H€$T.

LEE-SEAN Bling shirt
LEE-SEAN Bling by Hepnova
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Performance Art Board Game

Das Neunundneunzigmusikspiel
Opus 1: Die Neue Weltanschauung

For 4 to 9 performers

Das Neunundneunzigmusikspiel (99 Music Game) is a cheeky little board game I invented for my Visual Music class as a way of executing a musical “score” consisting of a list of 99 words or phrases.  The game board, one six-sided die, a placeholder  (coins or Monopoly characters work well) and the list are necessary to play the game/piece.  I have composed my first piece for the system, but presumably, anybody can “compose” their own list of 99 words or phrases to be used for the Game.

All players place their placeholders on “start.”

Each player rolls the die to determine the order of play.  If two or more players roll the same number, then they should roll again, and repeat if necessary until an order is established.

In the established order, each player rolls the die, and advances the placeholder the corresponding number of spaces.  The player then looks up the word or phrase corresponding to the number of the space where she has moved the placeholder.  She then verbally calls out the word or phrase, and then performs a gesture that interprets the word or phrase.  A gesture is broadly defined as a vocal or instrumental performance, interpretive dance, or other expression.  The other players may also choose to perform complementary gestures expressing the word or phrase, but it is optional.

The players continue performing until the next player decides to roll the die, advances the placeholder, and calls out the corresponding word or phrase, after which the players perform the next gesture.

Game play continues until the placeholder arrives at the end (fin).  If there is an “over-roll,” for example, if the placeholder is one space away from the end, but the player rolls a six, the move is still considered to be valid ending.

Download PDF of game instructions and score.

Download PDF of game board.

I would love to execute this score sometime, anybody interested in performing it with me?