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JET Programme Pre-Departure Seminar NYC

Nippon Club
June 26, 2010

Keynote speech by playwright and JET alum Randall David Cook

Creative Commons Education

Open Educational Resources for JET/ESL

This is an update on my internship with ccLearn, a division of Creative Commons,  a non-profit organization dedicated to realizing the full potential of the internet to support open learning and open educational resources. Our mission is to minimize legal, technical, and social barriers to sharing and reuse of educational materials.

We are working on a site called OpenEd, a site for the Open Education Community and are looking for input and participation from past and present JET Programme participants (I’m a JET alum and webmaster of the JET Alumni Association of NY) as well as other members of the ESL teaching community.

The JET community already has a history of sharing lesson plans and ideas. On a more global level, educators and and institutions have being contributing content (lesson plans, worksheets, multimedia, etc.) to the pool of Open Educational Resources (OER), a kind of educational commons that fosters collaboration and yields greater flexibility and creativity in education.

OER are openly licensed educational resources for teachers and students. All materials that are licensed with a Creative Commons license are OER. OER are “some rights reserved”, meaning that you are free to use a CC licensed work without asking permission as long as you adhere to the license terms. Depending on the license used, you can access, share (copy, distribute, display), adapt (perform, translate), or derive (modify, remix) OER. The openness of a resource increases with the uses allowed.

The OpenEd site is a wiki, so like Wikipedia, anybody can edit the site.  We welcome members of the JET community to add to and edit the site.  We would love to see more links to educational resources as well as personal stories about how you have used open educational resources.

We invite you to take a look at the JET Community page on OpenEd.  You can set up an account on Open Ed and edit and add content.


JETAA 20th Anniversary Kintetsu Essay Contest

The JETAA (Japan Exchange & Teaching Programme Alumni Association) 20th Anniversay Kintetsu Essay Contest Publication is now available online as a downloadable PDF.

A big thank you goes out to Liz Sharpe (JET Alumni Association Pacific Northwest) and Steven Horowitz (JET Alumni Association of NY) who worked so hard to compile the publication. And a shameless self promotion: the music/design/lifestyle company I co-founded, Hepnova Multimedia, did the cover design.

The publication is a compilation of the 15 winning essays into a format that we are hoping to have printed for new and future JETs to read to get them excited about the JET Programme as well as for the enjoyment of the JET alumni community.

For new readers of my blog (including fellow ITP‘ers, holla if yo’ out there!),  I was an English teacher on the JET Programme from 2003-2006 in a city called Nakatsu, on the island of Kyushu.  I also did some freelance writing and played keyboard in some bands, including a salsa band that played a major summer festival, an Ani DiFranco/Cranberries coverband, and did some one-off solo and special guest gigs with vocalists as well.

Click here to download the Essay Contest Publication.