Fukuoka no yakei 福岡の夜景 Fukuoka City at night

Fukuoka, February 2005
the night before the big earthquake that Fred and I experienced in Fukuoka. Our weekend getaway was rudely interrupted by the earth’s techtonic plates. We were at the mall at the time, inside Sports Authority, when the floor began to shake, the light fixtures were shaking and flashing. Fred pulled me to safety in a corner. oh, memories…


neko 猫 cat

a haiku:

shh! a cat sleeping
a peaceful november day


Hello Kitty Colonialism

Kitty-chan is EVERYWHERE! Here’s a pict from my trip to Quebec City in March. Hello Kitty has even made it to Quebec! Quebec City is a charming and historical city, but full of touristy tchotchke shops like in the photo.


typhoon blues

another typhoon is on the way to Japan. Apparently, this is a big one. I have lost count as to how many we have had this year. I think we have set a new record or something.

Japan Travel

back in Japan

just got back to Nakatsu after 9 days in Taiwan.