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“Stuck in the Suez” Sea Shanty-Inspired Song

At the time of writing this post, Evergreen’s Ever Given cargo ship is still stuck in the Suez Canal. I was inspired by this incident to write a song about it.

Sail my ship on the Seven Seas
Stuck in the Suez! Stuck in the Suez!

Ship gets stuck. Trade falls to its knees.
Stuck in the Suez! Stuck in the Suez!

Help me out now, won’t you please?
Stuck in the Suez! Stuck in the Suez!

Things are always weird when you’re Taiwanese
Stuck in the Suez! Stuck in the Suez!

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven
Stuck in the Suez! Stuck in the Suez!

Nothing in Life is Ever Given
Stuck in the Suez! Stuck in the Suez!

Escape from Egypt without any Leaven
Stuck in the Suez! Stuck in the Suez!

Get me out of Hell and into Heaven
Stuck in the Suez! Stuck in the Suez!

And here is the original acapella version that started it all:

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Ni Hao You Doin’?

Ni Hao You Doin’? – A new Hepnova shirt on Zazzle in collaboration with Joey G.

We were hanging out in Little Italy/Chinatown tonight and Joe came up with this brilliant bilingual pun that celebrates the confluence of cultures in a pizza/scallion pancake slice of Lower Manhattan with classic New York wit and attitude.  Here’s to pasta and to potstickers and to Sino-Italian-American friendship! Ni hao you doin’?

Buy the Ni Hao You Doin’ shirt on Zazzle

Ni Hao You Doin'? shirt
Ni Hao You Doin’? by Hepnova in collaboration with Joey G
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Hepnova Biography Podcast


A Portrait of the Artists as Hot Young Freaks, a biography of Hepnova (the band formerly known as The Ronald Raygun), by Jon Rodis (pictured sitting above).

Stay tuned for the new Hepnova album late 2007/early 2008!

The Bank – Avaaz’s new video – Fire Wolfowitz Campaign

Watch the video and sign the petition.


Paul Wolfowitz — architect of the Iraq war, president of the World Bank, and self-styled scourge of corruption — has been caught red-handed in corruption himself, arranging a huge pay raise for his girlfriend and hiding the evidence.

Wolfowitz’s rigid ideology, unilateral decision-making, and domineering style have demoralized the Bank’s staff and undercut the Bank’s efforts to reduce poverty. This corruption scandal could be the last straw. World Bank board members are deciding on his fate now–and a massive global outcry could ensure that his presidency comes to an end. Add your name to the petition.


Campaign for Little Britain in New York