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Again Tonight (JC Cassis Version)

New music for your next ccowboy zombie prom slow dance from Hepnova & JC Cassis

Original version of Again Tonight

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Here’s a new HEPNOVA track I finished tonight with Tsar Nicholas. It’s a menacing electro instrumental track called Rasputin.


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New HEPNOVA music: “En la plaza de mi pueblo” and “Märk Hur VÃ¥r Skugga”

I just got back to NYC from the latest Hepnova recording sessions in Arizona.  We finished two covers of old songs that got the Hepnova treatment.  The first is called “En la plaza de mi pueblo,” a flamenco-tinged song from the Spanish Civil War, and “Märk Hur VÃ¥r Skugga,” an eighteenth-century Swedish song by Carl Michael Bellman about death and drinking.  “En la plaza” features a guest guitar solo from American Flamenco pioneer José Alarcon.

<a href="">En plaza de mi pueblo by HEPNOVA</a>

<a href="">Märk Hur Vår Skugga (Fredmans Epistel #81) by HEPNOVA</a>

The working title of the new collection is Transistor Troubadour.  We are planning on doing some more covers as well as some Hepnova originals and to continue to develop the unique electro-acoustic sound that has emerged in previous Hep tunes like “You’re For Me” and “Again Tonight.”

Check out the new Hepnova tracks on Bandcamp. More tracks in the Transistor Troubadour collection are in the works, so check back often for more music!

Lyrics after the jump:

Audio Fun HEPNOVA Music Video YouTube

Worst Fantasy Hit Me Britney

NPR recently reported about Timberbrit, a contemporary opera that deals with the trials and tribulations of Britney Spears.

The cast and crew of Timberbrit recently shot a music video of “Worst Fantasy,” a song from the opera based on Britney’s “Toxic”

While we are on the subject of Britney, check out Hepnova’s “Hit Me Britney,” a recombinant cover of “…Baby One More Time,” and “Oops!…I Did It Again.”

Whoa!…What’s with the ellipsis abuse?

Education Fun HEPNOVA Humor Marketing Video YouTube

Brand Well, Raise Money

Nicholas DiBiase (@Hepnova) from Hepnova and Noah Dyer (@WealthNetTeam) from WealthNet Partners give a brisk talk about the basics of branding and how it can affect relationships with potential investors. Geared toward the entrepreneur, this video introduces the essential concepts of branding and why they matter to the startup seeking funding.

Stories, examples, and counterexamples along with an amusing skit keep this first salvo in the struggle against bad marketing fresh and entertaining.

This piece was produced for the online educational resource/expertise marketplace Advisor Garage.

This is the fifth in a series of “This is real DIY” experimental documentary videos. Music by Hepnova.