Clock Blocks

Haiku Review

Shoot the clocks before
Your time runs out and you die
Addictive like crack

This past weekend Mallory from Small Girls PR invited me and Robert to the Clock Blocks iPhone/iPad game launch party at The Bowery Electric.  I have to admit that I haven’t really played much in the way of games in the past decade and that my iPhone is pretty much just for calls, texts, emails, maps, and music, but Clock Blocks turned out to be incredibly compelling and addictive.  It’s actually more complicated to explain in words then to just play yourself (we figured out the idea in a few seconds and then ended up playing for almost an hour in an attempt to master it). Note to self: must do this games and beer thing more often.  Clock Blocks really is a timeless classic, with a Frogger-like simplicity and sense of excitement and the gratifying thrill of a classic Shoot ‘Em Up.

Try out the browser version of Clock Blocks on the 80d Games site and get it for your iPhone or iPad on iTunes.