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Partnership with PareUp


The Foossa team is pleased to announce our partnership with PareUp, an upcoming mobile app that brings people and businesses together to save good food from the trash. We are investing in the company and are designing the interface for the app, which will launch in the New York Area later this year.

PareUp is developing a mobile marketplace for excess food. Retailers post their surplus or expiring food for a discount. Users find delicious goods to save from the trash. Want to become a retailer? Got a tip? Contact us at

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Designing Digital Communities


I will be teaching a class on Designing Digital Communities this summer at SVA.

This class is an introduction to crafting the platforms and experiences that enable communities to collaborate, create, and innovate. We will explore social networks, memes, crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, online petitions, and other models of digital community participation. Students will design concepts and prototypes for their own digital communities. No coding experience required.

Learn more and register>>

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