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Noir is the new video I made in Comm Lab @ ITP with Elizabeth, Catherine, and Kristin.  It is a music video for a song of the same name that I recorded circa 1998-1999 under the Ronald Raygun band name, and re-released online in 2006 under the new HEPNOVA brand.  It was the second or third song that I have ever written.  Telephone Tag was the first, and either Noir or Bionic Boyband in Bollywood was second/third.  I did the vocals and played all of the instruments except for bass.  The bass credits go to Nico of Tsar Nicholas and HEPNOVA fame.

The video is a pastiche-y hommage to the films noirs of yesteryear, shot on location in Lower Manhattan, with basically no budget and only three weeks from pre to post.  Here it is in all its charmingly ghetto glory:

Noir from lee-sean on Vimeo.  Also on and YouTube.