Audio HEPNOVA Music

Download the “Lost” 2000 Hepnova Sessons, just uncovered!


Hepnova fans rejoice! The awesomely rocking sessions recorded in 2000 by John Chase, Susan Webb Chase, and Nicholas, long thought lost forever, were just uncovered and are now available for free download.

Featuring a pogo-inducing punky cover of Motown classic “Money (That’s What I Want)” and an electrifying performance of the raunchy Chase-penned classic “La Verdad,” this collection is a peek into the legendary live sound of the classic RRG / Hepnova era. This IS Recombinant Rock Generation music at its most kickin’.

With throbbing, growling bass from Chase and Sue-Shi’s iced-out vocals and crisp live drums, this set is a true rockin’ classic. Download it now!

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