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Capoeira Journal – 4 Aug 2011

I’m finally taking Ari’s advice to heart and writing a capoeira journal. I have tons of notebooks all over the place, but I lose them or get them mixed up with my other notes. I think blogging about it will make it easier for me.

Three firsts this week:

First time getting elbowed in the face. It was kind of my fault for not blocking, but I learned a valuable lesson that I will remember. Thanks LC! Tip from Ari: use your elbows to block your partner’s elbow and knee, it’s more subtle and less aggressive than using your hands. My cheek is still a little sore,

First time doing a pull up. I was inspired by a blogpost I stumbled upon on Art of Manliness and decided to go for it. I was I was at the academy taking a break by a horizontal bar and just pulled myself up. This is certainly not something I could have done a year ago. Next step is trying to do 2 in a row. Looking to build upper body strength in general so I can do queda de rins into a tesoura, like we were doing on Tuesday night in class.

First time doing a handstand away from a wall. After Ari giving me a valuable tip of folding my body more and getting my feet closer to my hands before I go up, I was able to go up into a handstand. It seems that the trick is thinking more about up, rather than forward. Forward is fine for doing a handstand on a wall, where the wall is there to catch you, but up is where it’s all about.

Another lesson learned this week, Grilo taught us how to do a tesoura while guarding the family jewels. Valuable tip indeed.

Curious about capoeira? Join us at the New York Capoeira Center.

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Capoeira Angola Quintal Batizado 2011

New cord, new nickname, new moves, and new tunes. All in all an awesome Capoeira Angola Quintal festival week.

The video above is of me playing for my dark green cord. Thanks to Mei Yen for the video!