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Worst Fantasy Hit Me Britney

NPR recently reported about Timberbrit, a contemporary opera that deals with the trials and tribulations of Britney Spears.

The cast and crew of Timberbrit recently shot a music video of “Worst Fantasy,” a song from the opera based on Britney’s “Toxic”

While we are on the subject of Britney, check out Hepnova’s “Hit Me Britney,” a recombinant cover of “…Baby One More Time,” and “Oops!…I Did It Again.”

Whoa!…What’s with the ellipsis abuse?

Britney Spears HEPNOVA Music Video YouTube

Hit Me Britney One More Time

Hit Me Britney One More Time – Hepnova’s Britney homage/parody/cover/pastiche. LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!

So Chris Crocker’s video gets 8.2 million views in just over a week AND he gets a TV deal. Meanwhile, the Avaaz video I worked on, Stop the Clash of Civilizations has reached 1.4 million views in about 6 months.

Lessons learned – I think it’s time to trade in the activist chic for a bottle of peroxide and some cheap eyeliner. I want my Warholian 15 minutes of fame too! Let’s keep Britney in our thoughts and prayers. She is going through a hard time you know. We are all lucky bastards that she even performed for us. And check out our track and pass it on.

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