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Rainstorm with ActionScript

Today in my Intro to Flash Animation class (COM 380), we learned how to animate random rain using ActionScript. Here is the example I made with My Neighbor Totoro.

Download the FLA source file here.

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ODI et AMO Stickers

As requested by Aurelia, a coworker at Creative Commons, I put my ODI et AMO designs on stickers. Available now on Zazzle: ODI stickers / AMO stickers.

T-shirts available too!

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Safety is Dangerous

Safety is Dangerous from lee-sean on Vimeo.

Here is my first attempt at animation with Adobe After Effects, inspired by Surrealism, Dada, and early MTV animations.

All the source images were taken by me or Kris and can be found in my Flickr account.

Music: Netmaster 2 (Safety is Dangerous Glitch Mix) by HEPNOVA.

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