Stop the Apple/Wal-Mart Deal

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Steve Jobs has made mistakes before. Who can forget the “Flower Power” imac, the Cube or canceling the Newton? But this time, by negotiating to give Wal-Mart a piece of its online music and movie business, he might just be going too far.

If you haven’t heard, get the details.

Apple’s success is based on unmatched loyalty by its customers and employees. By offering the best products, the best service, and a commitment to innovation and style, Steve Jobs has built much more than a technology company; he’s built a lifestyle empire that stands for innovation and quality.

Wal-Mart couldn’t be more different. Its big-box stores, mistreated employees and disposable goods stand in stark contrast to Apple’s.

Wal-Mart Watch is encouraging Wal-Mart to shape up and do the right thing by its employees and neighbors. And as of the most beloved companies in the world, Apple has a responsibility to do the same – not pursuing monopolistic strategies with Wal-Mart.

Steve Jobs has made some mistakes before; let’s stop him from making one now.

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