School Lunch 給食 6 July 2006

セサミパン Sesame bread

ボイルフランクフルト Boiled Frankfurter

ボイルキャベツ Boiled cabbage

一食ケチャップ&マスタード Single-serving ketchup and mustard

パンプキンスープ Pumpkin soup

牛乳 Milk

School lunch was quite good today. The sesame bread had both black and white sesame seeds in it and had a lot more texture and flavor than the normally bland and insipid white bread we get on “bread days” (Tuesday and Thursday). Monday, Wednesday and Friday are “rice days.” The pumpkin soup was a beautiful yellow-orange color. The boiled cabbage was an interesting crunchy surprise when eaten with the hotdog and hotdog bun, but I still would prefer the tangy kick of some sauerkraut.

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