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San Francisco Day 2

view from my house on the hill

Above: Exit my house on a hill, immediately turn right and see the San Francisco skyline.

After waking up, watching a couple Top Chef re-runs and having an amazing tofu breakfast burrito at Hazel’s Kitchen,  I went on a self-guided walking tour of San Francisco.  As you can see from the photos in the post, I brought my camera along too.  I noticed the amazing light today and found myself drawn to exploring alleyways and textures.


Above: One of my collection of San Francisco alleyway photos.
Below: Texture


More photos on Flickr.

I walked all the way from my place in Potrero Hill to Downtown, and bought myself a monthly unlimited Muni card and a map, because although I like walking, I’m sure I will have days where I need to get places faster and farther than I can walk.

I ended up near City Hall and found out that the Asian Art Museum, had free admission today, so I spend most of the day there.  Then I took the Muni to Mission District and walked around there for a bit.  I ended up having dinner at a mediocre Vietnamese place that was so unremarkable that I no longer remember the name.  I had some fried spring rolls on rice vermicelli, but the spring rolls were too big and greasy, not light and crisp.  Also had one of my favorite beverages, fresh young coconut juice (in the shell), but they didn’t cut open the top of the coconut, they only punched a hole in it, so I couldn’t eat the coconut meat inside.  Oh well, it was cheap and I was starving by then, so I ate most of it anyway.

Back home blogging and putting some final mixing touches on the HEPNOVA album.

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