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Purpose @ SXSW 2011

Goodbye Oil: Accelerating the Electric Car Movement

Join leaders of the electric car movement to debate how online organizing, culture jamming, and social influence can turn electric cars into cultural icons. The only way to break our addiction to oil is to stop driving cars that use it. In 2011, mass- market electric cars will, for the first time, become a real option for everyday drivers. But common misperceptions, old habits, and powerful interests could prevent electric cars from breaking through to the mainstream.

Panelists: Jeremy Heimans, Nate Pinsley ( / HelloElectric) + 2
Location: Main Festival Location at SXSW, Austin Convention Center, 6AB (340 seats)
Date: Monday March 14, 9:30 AM CST

Inspired Action: New Approaches to Saving the Planet

To make sure our grandchildren’s grandchildren have a planet to enjoy, it’s time we move past the belief that awareness is the answer. It’s time for action and solutions to come from all of us – not just environmentalists. That’s why we’re asking a few innovative minds to offer their specific solutions for how individuals, small groups and global corporations drive the change needed. It’s not another panel of usual suspects talking about the past. This session will match up experts from different backgrounds to throw their big ideas on the table and work together to mash them into workable solutions.

Hosts: FastCompany, CauseShift, PepsiCo
Panelists: James Slezak (, Robert Murray (National Geographic) / moderated by Scott Henderson and Ann Mai Bertelsen (CauseShift)
Location: PepsiCo Plugged-In Stage at SXSW (Austin Convention Center, Meeting Room 2) // also via webcast from FastCompany and PepsiCo
Date: Sunday March 13, 4:30 PM CST

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