Pink & Noseworthy


Shanee Pink of the up-and-coming neo-folk indie ban, Pink and Noseworthy, is staying in my loft with my roommate, Yam, while she makes the transition from LA to New York.  Shanee gave me a copy of her new CD to listen to, so I decided to blog about it.  Pink and Noseworthy's sound is evocative of bands like Belle and Sebastian, the Velvet Underground and Benjamin Biolay and Chiara Mastroianni.  Shanee's voice has the intensity and urgency of Marianne Faithfull and the occasional hint of a Nico-esque darkness which floats on top of Noseworthy's warm, enveloping instrumentation.  But comparisons with other musicians really don't do them justice, so check them out and listen for yourselves on their website and MySpace page: 


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