Pink and Noseworthy at Pete’s Candy Store

Last night I went to Pete's Candy Store in Williamsburg to see Pink and Noseworthy perform.  Pete's Candy Store isn't a candy store at all, although it seems like it may have been way back in the day.  They respect this history by giving out lollipops to patrons.  There is a bar area up front and small performance space in the back.  They serve up great grilled ciabatta sandwiches too.  I had the #2, with artichoke hearts, fontina, and olive spread.  Incidentally, this is also where Jay Bakker's Revolution Church meets.

Pink and Noseworthy sounded great in the intimate venue with warm tones, and candlelight chiaroscuro.  It was cool to see them performing live in public for the first time and with a trombone player playing the lap steel guitar parts from the record.  The trombone really worked well and gave them a nice jazzy, old-school cabaret vibe.  Shanee and Mark were brilliant as usually and really mesmerized the audience.

I rode back to Manhattan on the subway with Pink and Noseworthy's trombone player, talking about the real pop genius of the Beatles, even if it is cliché to say so.  Then I walked home down Broadway from the Canal Street in the crisp, cold night, humming one of Pink and Noseworthy's catchiest hooks: "I'm addicted to the love that gets me HI-I-IGH!"

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