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Performance Art Board Game

Das Neunundneunzigmusikspiel
Opus 1: Die Neue Weltanschauung

For 4 to 9 performers

Das Neunundneunzigmusikspiel (99 Music Game) is a cheeky little board game I invented for my Visual Music class as a way of executing a musical “score” consisting of a list of 99 words or phrases.  The game board, one six-sided die, a placeholder  (coins or Monopoly characters work well) and the list are necessary to play the game/piece.  I have composed my first piece for the system, but presumably, anybody can “compose” their own list of 99 words or phrases to be used for the Game.

All players place their placeholders on “start.”

Each player rolls the die to determine the order of play.  If two or more players roll the same number, then they should roll again, and repeat if necessary until an order is established.

In the established order, each player rolls the die, and advances the placeholder the corresponding number of spaces.  The player then looks up the word or phrase corresponding to the number of the space where she has moved the placeholder.  She then verbally calls out the word or phrase, and then performs a gesture that interprets the word or phrase.  A gesture is broadly defined as a vocal or instrumental performance, interpretive dance, or other expression.  The other players may also choose to perform complementary gestures expressing the word or phrase, but it is optional.

The players continue performing until the next player decides to roll the die, advances the placeholder, and calls out the corresponding word or phrase, after which the players perform the next gesture.

Game play continues until the placeholder arrives at the end (fin).  If there is an “over-roll,” for example, if the placeholder is one space away from the end, but the player rolls a six, the move is still considered to be valid ending.

Download PDF of game instructions and score.

Download PDF of game board.

I would love to execute this score sometime, anybody interested in performing it with me?

Here are the Opus 1 performance directions:

1.  Gently
2.  Quietly
3.  Comme des embryons desséchés
4.  Comme un chat
5.  Early morning
6.  Slowly
7.  Breakfast time
8.  Just after your morning coffee
9.  Un peu triste
10. Humming bird
11. Alarm clock
12. Singing in the shower
13. Annoyed
14. Building up
15. Slightly bored
16. Half-assed
17. Accelerating
18. Horror movie soundtrack
19.  Muzak
20.  Smooth Jazz
21.  Radio static
22.  Channel surfing
23.  Ausdrucksvoll
24.  Kitsch
25.  Suddenly
26.  With longing
27.  Ascending
28.  With intensity
29.  Sneakily
30.  Bluesy
31.  Satori
32.  Impressionistic
33.  Sforzando, subito piano
34.  Ironic
35.  Sans ralentir
36.  From your diaphragm
37.  With passion
38.  Wagnerian
39.  Karaoke
40.  Stylishly
41.  Mit Weltschmerz
42.  Your favorite Muppet
43.  Birdlike
44.  Pedantically
45.  Dolphins
46.  Mit Sehnsucht
47.  Fierce
48.  Nevermind
49.  Primitive
50.  Blue sky moment
51.  Out of breath
52.  Reptilian
53.  Crustacean
54.  Sentimental
55.  Fashion-forward
56.  Angry wildlife
57.  Ecstatic
58.  Entertain us
59.  With great clarity
60.  Take us to the bridge
61.  Fed up
62.  Flock of seagulls
63.  Dead rockstar
64.  Unpredictable
65.  Nerdy
66.  Scolding
67.  Downward spiral
68.  Like someone in love
69.  Like a thief in the night
70.  Like you don’t give a shit
71.  Like a virgin
72.  With a lust for life
73.  Freebird
74.  Monkey-style
75.  American Idol
76.  Life-affirming
77.  Headbanger
78.  Condescending
79.  Maladroit
80.  Japonesque
81.  I think we’re alone now
82.  I will always love you
83.  With reverence
84.  Cliché
85.  Mit Lebensangst
86.  Descending
87.  Uprooted
88.  Mit Wanderlust
89.  Depressing
90.  Allegro ma non troppo
91.  Nostalgic
92.  Shellshocked
93.  Lent et grave
94.  Catharsis
95.  Orgasmically
96.  Fin du siècle
97.  La mort
98.  L’enfer
99.  Fin du monde

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