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ODI et AMO: The Music Video

ODI et AMO is Avant-Pop for a world where Blade Runner meets a 3000-year Roman Reich.

Here is the new music video for ODI et AMO, a piece I am presenting as my Visual Music and Animals, et. al. final project.  The piece is based on a poem by Catullus, and features vocals by JC Cassis.

Apologies for the crappy online video quality.  The finely-tuned sync of the music and visual elements got knocked a little bit out of wack during conversion to online-friendly formats.  The versions on Vimeo and YouTube look even worse, so I don’t recommend viewing them there.  Luckily, I’ll get to present the uncompressed version in my Animals class on Tuesday, and JC and I will perform a live version at the Visual Music class concert at Issue Project Room on April 28, at 8 pm.  You can also download the M4V version (for iTunes) here, which looks a lot better than the streaming version.  Or if you want to listen to the track on the go, download the MP3.


UPDATE (21 April 2009):
I presented the ODI et AMO music video in my Animals class today.  I got some good feedback from everybody.  On my to-do list for the next version:

  • Sort out the audio/video sync issues in Final Cut to make the cuts frame-accurate.  I’m meeting with Marina on Thursday to work on this.
  • Re-record JC’s vocals.  Right now, I am using one take for all 3 repetitions of her part.  It needs to build up more and have more of an arc.  I guess this won’t be a problem for the live version on Thursday, since JC will be singing her diva parts live.
  • Do something to add some more variation into the “karaoke” text sections – perhaps bring back ODI and AMO characters in some way.  I think I’ll need to do some more work in AfterEffects.

UPDATE (24 April 2009):
After talking with Marina today, I discovered that I needed to move my ODI et AMO project from Final Cut Express to Final Cut Pro in order to have total control over the frame rate.  I spent this afternoon and evening tweaking the video in Final Cut Pro in order to make the cuts sync more accurately to the music.  I also added some extra effects to make the experience a bit richer.  The new version is now on and embedded above.