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NIME: Week 3 – Inspirational Actions

Assignment for Week 3 of NIME:

“Inspirational Actions”: Think about a performance you have witnessed that made a indelible mark in your life, a performance you would aspire to give, a tool/system you would aspire to perform – and bring a short audio and/or video clip of it to share with the class. This can be something you have already done, but we encourage you to look to the work of other artists/musicians/performers for inspiration.

The name of my NIME instrument, Mumbo Jumbo Maracas, just came to me one day. I wanted an instrument that would allow me to make wild flailing gestures and a thick texture of noise. For my performance, I want to combine elements of primitive shamanistic ritual with good silly fun, sort of post-colonial re-appropriation of mid-century exotica.  I find maracas fun and festive (as this Señor Coconut track demonstrates), and as user interfaces, the simplicity of how they work is intuitive and they become in a way instant noise-making appendages in the hands of their player.

I created a 1 minute audio sketch in Logic that approximates what I want my final project to sound like.

While we are on the topic of maraca-related inspiration, here are a few YouTube clips I like.

As for the mumbo jumbo ritualistic performance part of my NIME project, I admit, I am totally ripping off Terence Koh.

Terence Koh, “Buddha Fly Earth Zhang Zyi”, 2006
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