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NIME Week 2

Assignment for Week 2 of NIME at ITP:

“Inspirational Sounds”: Think about the music you would aspire to make – and bring a short audio clip of it to share with the class. This can be something you have already done, but we encourage you to look to the work of other artists/musicians/performers for inspiration.

For my inspirational sounds, I decided to share some Steve Reich music. This clip includes parts of “4 Organs” and “My Name Is” from a 1970 performance at the Berkeley Museum.  I am attracted to the strong rhythmic pulse of Reich’s music and the mesmerizing use of repetition and slowly evolving patterns.  For my own NIME instrument, I want to do something involving maracas (like in “4 Organs”) as well as incorporate some form of sampled human voices (like in “My Name Is”).

I am starting to get a clearer idea of the instrument that I want to build.  I am calling my project Mumbo Jumbo Maracas.  I would like to mount accelerometers on a pair of maracas.  In performance, I would play the maracas as purely acoustic instruments, while the sensors would be used to trigger various looped vocal samples (the “mumbo jumbo” part.


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