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Monktopus Octokey

Monktopus Octokey

Our first assignment in Animals, People, and Those in Between with Marina Zurkow was to do a portrait of ourselves with our spirit animal.  I couldn’t choose between a monkey or an octopus, so I decided to hybridize the two and came up with the monktopus octokey. First, I sketched it out on the chalkboard wall in my kitchen, then I took a photo of myself in front of it.  Then I “painted” over the photo in Photoshop to produce the final portrait.

I like monkeys because of their agility and seemingly erratic behaviors, and because it is my Chinese/Japanese zodiac sign.  As for the octopus, I guess I kind of have a mild tentacle obsession, but not necessarily in the über-hentai way.  I created tentacled creatures for my presentation in Red Burns’ Applications class last semester.  Also, I like octopus because it tastes good.


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