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Live Web Week 3: Internet Radio

Live Web week 3:

Investigate existing internet radio stations and give an impression on your blog regarding their level of interactivity/audience engagement and so on.

The internet radio station I listen to most is NPR, which offers a combination of live streaming content, streamed content on demand, and downloadable MP3s of select programming. There is an NPR community page which serves up “community curated” content by displaying the most commented stories, most recommended stories, and most viewed stories. Users can give feedback about individual stories by commenting, recommending, and sharing the stories via social media platforms. Too bad there isn’t a kind of live feedback system where internet listeners can interact with shows in progress. I would be interesting to see some experiments where listeners could IM live with show hosts similar to call-in talk shows.

We learned how to set up a streaming server with Nicecast and how to embed streaming audio on a webpage (not currently prodcasting).

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