ITP Live Web NYU

Live Web Week 2: JavaScript/AJAX 101

This week’s assignment in Live Web:

Using JavaScript and AJAX (and possibly PHP), create an application which allows you to control and change the content that someone else is viewing on your site. Perhaps something like you directing a slide show or taking them through different web pages.

I wanted to make a live photo slide show chat application that I could use to show my friends my photos while chatting in the same browser window.  I took the AJAX chat demo code from class and added on a JavaScript-based photo slide show.  Check it out here.


Right now, users can control their own slide show viewing experience locally, but I thought it might be cool if I an AJAX puppet master (me) could control the slide show and everybody else would see the same photos I am seeing.  I’m not quite sure how to go about that.  I’m thinking it might require reviewing my PHP and perhaps using a MySQL database rather than storing the photo slide show locally in the file.

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