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This week for Live Web, we learned about live streaming video online.  I decided to check out, which makes it easy for anybody with a webcam and an internet connection to stream video content to the interwebs. UStream has lots of cool features, such as the ability for users to embed live streams on to any webpage.  They also make use of “all the latest” social media technologies such as comments, chat, and Twitter feeds.  Comments, chat and tweets are similar but also different.  I haven’t figured out which is better for what though.  It’s great that users are empowered to chat and give feedback now, but sometimes the signal to noise ratio is more noise than signal.

But maybe I’m just crabby today. UStream is definitely cool. I’ve seen singer-songwriter Jay Brannan perform a live stream from his living room with hundreds of fans watching and chatting. It’s like giving anybody with a webcam and a connection their very own public access cable channel.

In terms of other content on UStream, things are pretty hit-or-miss, but like YouTube or any other user-generated media site, different strokes for different folks.  The long tail and all that jazz.  One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure, or something like that.

I like looking at animals, at the zoo and on video, so I found this live alpaca stream and embedded it below. It’s as easy as embedding a Flickr photo or YouTube video, but it’s live (although no hot alpaca action as of the writing of this post).

Streaming live video by Ustream

For more animal cuteness, check out the San Diego Zoo’s Pandacam. No embed code though 🙁

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