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I forgot my native language

I got really good feedback about my NIME project in class tonight that will help me develop my Mumbo Jumbo Maracas piece.  In thinking about how I want everything to fit together, I am strongly leaning towards making my performance an ensemble piece.  I definitely want to keep both the maracas and the gibberish speech samples in the composition.  I’m thinking that I will play the Wiimote which will be triggering the mumbo jumbo language samples, while another musician will play the maracas.  A third musician will be playing a melodic instrument.  I still need to sort out the details, but that is where I stand as of tonight.  My next steps are scoring out the composition, learning more about OSC and PD.

On the way home, a lullaby-like melody and lyrics came into my head while I was in the subway.  Here are the words.  I think they will help guide me in what I want to say with the Mumbo Jumbo Maracas project.

I forgot my native language
I forgot my mother tongue
I forgot the tales you’ve told me
I forgot the songs you’ve sung

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