HuffPost Article: Join the Insurgency Against the Jobs Crisis

Jeremy Heimans and I have just published a piece in the Huffington Post called “Join the Insurgency Against the Jobs Crisis.”

Back on Track or a New Path?

The latest cover of Harvard Magazine has a black and white photograph of an assembly line for 1959 Ford automobiles and the headline, “The American Economy: Can it get back on track?.” While the article inside provides some very useful analysis of our current economic predicament, we couldn’t help but feel that the cover was asking the wrong question.

Solving our economic woes and jobs crisis requires us to first ask the right questions. The question of how to get Americans working again is critical as unemployment takes its toll on families and communities, but this crisis has also opened up an important choice about the future of work in America. We can make jobs for jobs’ sake, or we can rebuild our economy with good jobs that reflect our values.

Jobs with Purpose

We need to redefine what “good jobs” mean and then create them. We need to look at the margins and start from the bottom up. This requires a shift in our attitudes and policies in support of the economic insurgents, agile, disruptive start-up enterprises, instead of continuing to prop up the same incumbent institutions of subsidized big businesses and crony capitalists.

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