Hey man, do you make beats?

Hello from Sky Harbour International Airport in Phoenix, Arizona.  I'm waiting for my flight back to NYC.  I am carrying a bunch of music gear in my carry on luggage because Nico and I worked on some tracks over the holidays.  When I went to collect my bags off of the conveyor belt at the security check, a TSA guy asked me, "hey man, do you make beats?"  I said, "yes," and he smiled.  Finally, some real humanity from TSA and some acknowledgment for being a bi-coastal music producer.  haha.  I guess there really is some sort of geek chic cultural cachet associated with schlepping around a MacBook, Novation X-Station, SidStation, a microphone, and a bundle of sundry cables in a Boblbee backback.

Anyway, HEPNOVA is officially in business again, although the website is still in development.  The new track, and the general direction of the band is going more pop, more dance, and more commercial.  I am definitely ready to sell out!  Email me (ls [at] leesean.net) if you want to hear an MP3 of the track in development, I don't know if it is ready for the public consumption on the internet yet and we still need to discuss our strategy regarding digital downloads.  We also recorded some Netmaster freestyles, and a few Morpions tracks as well.

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