Henry’s End, Candis Kayne at Tour, and Muse Karaoke


Last night I joined Iain and his friends from Scotland for a stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge and dinner at Henry’s End, which is famous for it’s wild game, meat, and fine wines. I had the braised duckling with wild mushrooms and lingonberries. Perfection! Perfectly tender duck with crispy skin and deep. rich sauce.

After dinner, we went to Chelsea to meet up with with Tricia, Rachel, and friends to see Candis Kayne perform at Tour. All I have to say is that bitch (in the most endearing sense of the word) is FIERCE, with hair to die for, and an act that literally spills out onto the streets. The blackberry mojito gets my recommendation (although for 10 bucks a pop, they could strain out the blackberry seeds for you). The cocktail known as “Sex And the City” does not get my recommendation. It’s pink, comes in a martini glass, and tastes like bubblegum. Maybe it was just an error judgement on my part. The disco fries were great too – kind of like poutine, but with the cheese melted down into a sauce and no gravy.

After the show, we went to do some ghetto karaoke at Muse, which is Japanese-run, but their karaoke machines are really crap compared to Japan, and the venue is a basement dungeon that smells like a frat house. Nothing wrong with some slumming fun de temps à temps though 😉


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