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head(banger)phones @ ITP Winter Show 2008

Video by Elizabeth Fuller

Here are some photos of me presenting the head(banger)phones at the ITP Winter Show 2008 last night.  Thanks to Justin Tedaldi, editor of the JETAANY Newsletter, for the photos.



The head(banger)phones are a personal music device made up of a pair of headphones and a sensor.  When the user wears the head(banger)phones, the motion and position of her head triggers different sounds, creating a dynamic interactive musical experience.

Here is some internet ink about head(banger)phones:

Nod Your Head, Change the Beat: Accelerometer Headphones | PSFK

ITP Winter 2008: Accelerometer Headphones Control Music Via Headbanging

The Listenerd’s Links for 12.18.08

Gizmodo reports that I did the project using Max/MSP, but actually I used Processing/Arduino.

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