Guerilla Marketing = Terrorism Scare? WTF!?


From the New York Times Online: 

From the major “Oops” department, Turner Broadcasting has claimed responsibility for a slew of “suspicious packages,” scattered around various American cities, that caused a terrorism scare in Boston, provoked the closure of major roadways and part of the Charles River, and mobilized local and federal law enforcement.

Seems the little devices were part of an outdoor marketing campaign in 10 cities in support of an animated television show airing on Turner’s Cartoon Network called “Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

It's a cartoon people! C'mon. Vigilance is a good thing, but overreacting to blinking lights and the raised middle finger of a cartoon character is just plain retarded – I meant to say "special needs."

Scott, who posted the first comment on the New York Times article online, pretty much summed the whole situation up: "This, to me, is proof that the terrorists are winning." Perhaps they are, when law enforcement and citizenry lose all sense of reason and humor.

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